Woodward: Deals are being done which will get United into Champions League

by Sam Peoples

Ed Woodward told investors this afternoon that Manchester United will be active in the transfer market and revealed that deals are already being done behind the scenes.

In a press release sent out with United’s financial results, Woodward insisted United were in a healthy position to invest in the squad and has now said that deals are well in progress.

“We will be active in the transfer market. The window is open and deals are being done,” he said.

Woodward went a step further by insisting that the transfers would meet United’s expectations of getting straight back into the Champions League, indicating they are top level signings.

He added: “Due to the television deals, we estimate our loss of European football will cost us around £30m.

“The club’s expectations are to absolutely get back into the Champions League and you’ll see it in the transfer market.”

Woodward’s bullish words suggest United are not going to pussyfoot around this summer but now he needs to back up his words with actions.

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