Manchester United have already begun negotiations with Cesc Fabregas – report

by Sam Peoples

The beast that is a Cesc Fabregas transfer saga has reared its ugly head again this summer.

After our pitiful bids were rejected out of hand last year, United were left with a Fabregas shaped hole that Fellaini tried and failed to fill.

What followed was our worst season ever in the Premier League but despite the knockbacks from last year, United have already begun negotiations with Fabregas over a deal this summer according to Tancredi Palmeri.

Unfortunately, if there is one person apart from La Sexta’s Francois Gallardo that you don’t want a transfer rumour to come from, it’s Palmeri.

A broken clock may be right twice a day but Palmeri has a hit rate akin to a blind man with a bow and arrow. Only this week, he suggested Van Gaal would be announced at 11am sharpish one morning only for the time to pass without a whimper. He may not be the direct source for this rumour but anything he reports seems to follow his pattern.

If the thought of Fabregas to United was appealing last year, it’s far more enticing this summer after the campaign we had and given Fabregas’ difficult year in the Nou Camp with fans struggling to accept him fully as a Barcelona player, there is a hint of discontent in his camp.

Of course, it probably doesn’t mean much and Fabregas will ultimately stay at Barcelona but expect this saga, much like the Wesley Sniejder one did, to repeat itself on more than one occasion.

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