PICTURES: The Class of ’92 are back playing football again!

by Sam Peoples

The Class of ’92 were re-united back at Old Trafford following the dismissal of David Moyes as manager as they took over interim charge of Manchester United.

Now that Louis van Gaal has taken over and the season has finished, they have had some more time to themselves, so they took to playing a game of 5-a-side against the builders at Hotel Football during a visit.

Hotel Football will be home to the Old Trafford Supporters Club when it opens in Autumn 2014 and speaking about the project, all the players admitted they were looking forward to the project being completed.

“Ryan and I are looking forward to another new challenge, working with our former teammates again to create something special near to the stadium we all love,” Gary Neville said.

Roof Top Football Match 3

Paul Scholes added: “When Gary and Ryan mentioned the idea of Hotel Football and Old Trafford Supporters Club I was really keen to get involved – the hotel is our chance to create something special for the fans.”

Roof Top Football Match 8

Phil Neville continued: “We want The Old Trafford Supporters Club to become a place United fans can think of as their own.”

Roof Top Football Match 1

Ryan Giggs said: “Through the hotel we are giving local people the opportunity to work in a great hospitality environment. We will also be working closely with local students to help them build their own careers as this is something we are really passionate about.”

Roof Top Football Match 9

Nicky Butt added: “Hotel Football Manchester gives us the chance to build something new and successful so close to Old Trafford, a place we all enjoy spending our careers.”

Roof Top Football Match 11

To learn more about the Hotel Football project, visit their website here.

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