Paul Scholes believes Manchester United have got his replacement

by Sam Peoples

Paul Scholes believes Wayne Rooney has got everything in his locker to take over his old position at Manchester United in the future.

At various points in the past few seasons, Rooney has been experimented in central midfield and it has to be said, on the whole his performances there were very underwhelming.

Despite that, Scholes feels it could be the way Rooney adapts in order to increase the longevity of his career.

“Wayne might be a player who’d retire come 31 or 32, given the amount of football he’s played,” Scholes said in his Paddy Power column.

“Ryan Giggs has been on the go for ages, but he adjusted his position. Can Wayne do the same? I don’t think Wayne will be able to play centre forward until he’s 34 or 35. But he could play centre midfield, possibly, into his mid-thirties.

“He’s got all the ability to take over my old position at Manchester United. He has played some games there, but has never gone on an uninterrupted run. Whether he has the discipline to do it, right now I’m not sure.”

If it wasn’t for Rooney having the first touch of an elephant, he’d make a great Scholes replacement as his passing range and vision are second to none, but you can’t ignore how bad his first touch is.

Scholes is definitely right that Rooney will have to adapt in order to increase the longevity of his career but it would be difficult for any player to fully replace Scholes, Rooney included.

Somebody who could certainly replace Scholes is Toni Kroos but seeing as the German midfielder has ruled out a move, United are going to have to look elsewhere.

Image: Twitter/Goal

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