Reports: Pep Guardiola wants to sell Bastian Schweinsteiger

by Sam Peoples

Pep Guardiola wants to sell Bastian Schweinsteiger because he doesn’t suit his brand of football, according to Spanish football expert Graham Hunter.

Hunter told talkSPORT that because Schweinsteiger doesn’t move the ball around quickly enough, Guardiola would rather let him leave in order to fund a move to Cesc Fabregas, a player who would slot nicely into a Guardiola side.

This isn’t the first time this season it has been said that Guardiola isn’t the biggest fan of Schweinsteiger and Hunter believes it is because an exit is looming for the German midfielder.

“The reason Barcelona want to sell Fabregas is they want to spend €60million on buying Koke out of his clause at Atletico Madrid,” he said.

“But Pep Guardiola does wants to move Schweinsteiger on. He feels Schweinsteiger doesn’t move the ball quickly enough for the brand of football he’s trying to implicate [at Bayern].

“If Schweinsteiger gets sold then maybe there will be a bid for Fabregas but if you ask me where he will end up, I think he will end up at Chelsea.”

Back in January, Guardiola moved to quash rumours his relationship with Schweinsteiger was sour but they have continued to rumble on.

Schweinsteiger is very much Mr. Bayern Munich but Guardiola isn’t afraid to sell players in order to suit his style. Back in 2008 when he took over as Barcelona boss he sold household names like Ronaldinho, Deco and Zambrotta in order to stamp his own identity on the team.

He might not be the player he was after the 2006 World Cup anymore but Schweinsteiger is still a world class midfielder and at 29 has plenty more to offer.

The last time United signed an injury prone 29-year-old it worked out quite nicely. Could Van Gaal do the same with Schweinsteiger? Reports suggest it is a possibility.

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