Boss hints United striker likely to leave and will be great elsewhere

by Sam Peoples

Mexico boss Miguel Herrera has admitted Javier Hernandez is no longer among his 11 best players and pointed towards a move away from Manchester United in order for him to re-kindle his career.

Hernandez will start the game against Brazil on the bench for the second group game in a row and after coming on against Cameroon to miss a gilt edged opportunity, his form hasn’t persuaded Herrera he is ready to come back into his team yet.

Miguel Herrera discusses what has happened to Javier Hernandez

“We have 23 top quality players, most of them are started in their respected teams,” he said.

“Chicharito had a dificult year. Sadly his coach changed and his new one didn’t quite like him but he has a great road ahead of him in Europe and I’m sure he’ll be a start at another team.

“But right now the technical staff, me leading it, we have dedicded to choose these 11 players to be on the field and luckily they proved us right.”

Hernandez has voiced his frustrations at being labelled as a super-sub but his situation has not changed within the national side and his performance against Cameroon didn’t help him.

At the 2010 World Cup, Hernandez was United’s new signing and he lit up the stage but so far at the 2014 World Cup so far, the lights have dimmed for Chicharito and unless he delivers with an inspired cameo, it’s unlikely to change.

Image: Twitter/Goalmex

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