The Peoples Person: 2014/15 Season Predictions – Part 1

by Sam Peoples

The new season is here. It might not have got off to the best of starts by any stretch of the imagination but we’ve asked the staff here at The Peoples Person what their predictions were for the upcoming season.

Sam Peoples: Editor-in-chief

Where will United finish in the league and why?  3rd. LVG won’t let United finish any lower than fourth, I’ve got real confidence in that. However, so much has happened and changed that you can’t expect instant results. Chelsea have really strengthened in the right way and I expect them to win the league and United’s lack of depth is worrying, something I think could bite us in the backside this season with injuries.

Who will be United’s most important player? Dare I say it, Rooney. New manager, new armband, new lease of life. I think Van Gaal will be able to get more out of Rooney that any United fan thought he had left in him and the armband will give him that extra impetus to deliver. You won’t hear me cheering Rooney’s name but I’ll support him as long as he plays in a United shirt.

Your Dream Signing for this summer? Arturo Vidal. Next question.

What do you most want to see this season? United regaining their competitive edge. There’s no shame in losing but last season we did it with a whimper.

Premier League champions: Chelsea

FA Cup winners: Manchester City

League Cup winners: Everton

Harriet Drudge – Managing Editor

Where will United finish in the league and why? Realistically, I’m going for fourth… just. That’s based on the current squad and, at the time of writing, the only additions to that squad that so horrendously imploded last season are Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera. Whilst Herrera has fitted in perfectly as if he’s been a United player for years, Shaw needs more time to a) get fit, b) learn a new position and c) acclimatize to his new surroundings. With so many senior players leaving or retiring, Ed needs to get busy if we’re to achieve a Champions League spot, let alone challenge for the title.

Having said that, pre-season was incredibly positive? Louis van Gaal couldn’t have asked for much more from his players in all honesty. He’s seen them win comfortably against some stiff competition as well as win ugly against Valencia in the week, which he described as the worst performance he’s seen yet.

Who will be United’s most important player?  I’m going to begrudgingly say Wayne Rooney. Our new club captain has a big task on his hands now having the responsibility (and attention) he has been craving since his first transfer request. If he manages to raise his game and lead the team like a true captain should, I think he’s going to be our most important player.

Your dream signing for this summer? My dream signing WOULD have been Mats Hummels but that seems to have been flushed down the toilet now with him being made Dortmund’s captain (I’m still secretly hoping we can sign him next season…) He would have been – and still could be – the perfect replacement for Vidic in my eyes. Strong and authoritative at the back and loves to score goals from a corner. Sigh. At this stage, anyone will do! We definitely need another defender, if not two before the window shuts. With 16 days to go, I’m starting to get jittery. I’m not sure I can cope with a similar transfer deadline day this summer to last year, Ed! Get to work spending that money you bragged about!

What do you most want to see this season? I would absolutely love a cup run. Either the League Cup or the FA Cup, preferably the latter. We haven’t had a decent go at the FA Cup for a long while. I think it’s about time our name was on the FA Cup again… don’t you?

Dan Cancian – News Contributor

Where will United finish in the league and why? 5th. LVG is a massive step up from Moyes and he’ll hopefully get us to playing better football than the turgid drab we witnessed last season, but he can’t work miracles. The squad is currently woefully short of quality at the back and in the middle, and while the lack of European football could work in our favours, I can’t see us finishing in the top 4. That said, it’s plausible that a good start would galvanise the team.

Who will be United’s most important player? Robin Van Persie. If he’s on fire, so are United, it’s simple as that. The difference between last season and his first campaign at the club was enormous. Add in the fact that he’s familiar with LVG’s philosophy, and his presence this season is gonna be absolutely massive.

Your dream signing for this summer? Arturo Vidal, for all the obvious reason. Failing that, Sami Khedira. Underrated, under-appreciated but an incredibly good footballer.

What do you most want to see this season? United, obviously. Though I don’t think we’ll win the league so a crap between Arsenal and Chelsea, preferably. City winning last season was made slightly more bearable by the fact that they prevented Liverpool from winning it, but I don’t want them to get used to success.

Aran Sohal – Featured Columnist

Where will United finish in the league and why? I think MUFC can have a really good season. The advantage is obviously being out of Europe so the squad can prepare very well. A top 3 finish isn’t impossible, and with the opening fixtures being as kind as they are, we could be top after 6 games, so that could be a huge confidence boost.

Who will be United’s most important player? After being handed his ideal role within the 3-5-2, Juan Mata can make himself the key player. Everything good can come through him and he is a world class match-winner. We saw sparks last season, but in his more favoured role, he could put in performances which get us back to where we belong.

Your dream signing for this summer? Arturo Vidal; he’s the best central midfielder in the world in my opinion, and alongside Herrera, we would have a sensational player.

What do you most want to see this season? More so than anything, I want to see the mundane, turgid football from last season replaced with the slick, fast passing football we all expect.

Premier League champions: I said with LVG in charge, MUFC could win the title but the favourites are Chelsea for me. It’ll be wide open, though.

FA Cup winners: Mauricio Pochettino will win the FA Cup for Tottenham this season; a trophy would buy him some time too, to try get into the Champions League.

League Cup winners: Everton are my tip for the League Cup; I think Martinez will target a trophy and another European finish to build upon his success from last season. They’re a club with potential now.

Check back soon for Part Two of our predictions!

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