Angry Manchester United fans start #GlazersOut worldwide trend on Twitter

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans have vented their anger towards the Glazers ownership following the 2-1 loss to Swansea at the weekend.

Creating a worldwide trend on Twitter, the #GlazersOut hashtag voiced frustrations at the Glazer ownership of United which has crippled the club financially for the best part of a decade.

If the result had been reversed at the weekend and United won 2-1, it’s unlikely the trend would have started but that’s the consequence of defeats married with a lack of signings.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the fans have very little chance of influencing the Glazers ownership and a hashtag trending on Twitter won’t change anything.

The Glazers controversial takeover of United with a bank loan has led to over £500m being taken out of the club for interest repayments, money that could otherwise have been spent helping the club improve. As owners, the Glazers have never invested any of their own money into the club.

It’s the Glazers approach to see United as a business first and a football club second that has soured their relationship with fans beyond repair. The Glazers care about the brand, not the fans.

When the Glazers bought United outright back in 2005, they paid £800m and in that period, their investment has doubled with United now valued at approximately £1.6bn, so from a business perspective, no amount of hashtags are going to make the Glazers sell.

Boycotting United is likely the only way that an impact might resonate with the anti-Glazer campaign as hitting the Glazers where it hurts, in their pocket, would get their attention as it is what they care about.

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