Manchester United agree £4m payout to Real Madrid if Angel di Maria wins Ballon d’Or

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have agreed to pay £4m to Real Madrid if Angel di Maria wins the Ballon d’Or during his career at Old Trafford.

Di Maria joined United in a £59.7m deal this summer but there are multiple add-ons, bonuses and clauses which Real Madrid have added into the contract to ensure more financial pay-outs if Di Maria were to go have big success at United.

From United’s perspective, the clause is rather trivial as the only way Di Maria could win the Ballon d’Or would be by guiding United to domestic and potentially European glory, meaning the £4m would be more than offset against the success he brought to the club.

What the clause also shows is how Madrid were fully aware how good a player Di Maria was when they sold him to United, to the point where they included a clause about him winning the Ballon d’Or, and is a timely reminder to United fans just how much of a marquee signing the Argentinian is.

Does Di Maria have any chance of ever winning the Ballon d’Or? Anything can happen in football but he will need an unbelievable season to topple Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo from their tit-for-tat trading of the trophy.

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