Manchester United print Falcao’s name wrong on fans No.9 shirt

by Sam Peoples

Radamel Falcao might be the name a lot of Manchester United fans want to get printed on the back of their shirt but one unlucky fan will have to settle for ‘Flacao’ after the United megastore printed it incorrectly.

United have a history of comically misspelling names on the back of players shirts including Anderson and Solskjaer, so it’s not the first time it has happened.

This summer, United’s online store was at the centre of a massive faux pas after accidentally including the new 2014/15 shirts in a flash sale and honoured the orders of 1000s of fans who managed to get the new shirt at a massively discounted rate.

In this scenario, they may well be sending out another Falcao shirt free of charge to this fan.

It could be a case that a fan sent in a custom shirt print prior to Falcao being confirmed but you’d think the megastore could spot the error and clarify with the customer before printing.

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