Manchester United now have a Spanish speaking core led by David de Gea

by Sam Peoples

David de Gea, Radamel Falcao, Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Angel di Maria, Marcos Rojo and Antonio Valencia.

Manchester United now have a real Spanish spine in the squad starting from De Gea in goal all the way up to Falcao at the top, with the likes of Di Maria and Herrera nestled in between.

Having Spanish speaking team-mates helped Mata settle down immediately at the club when he joined last January and the same will happen for the likes of Rojo, Falcao and Di Maria at United.

In a completely strange environment for any foreign player or person making a new life in a new country, having others who speak your language makes a massive difference and help speed up the process of settling down and getting comfortable.

Mata and De Gea are already neighbours, Rojo has already been out for dinner with Mata whilst Di Maria has already made friends with Mata at the training ground. The Spanish party has already started.

Louis van Gaal might have ordered the team to speak English at the start of the summer but there could be a few Spanish whispers going on in the background from now on.

NB – Anderson will play no part in this.

Image: Twitter/ManUtdFF

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