Sky Sports’ poor attempt at criticising Man United defence backfires

by Sam Peoples

Following the crushing defeat to Leicester City, Manchester United’s defence has fairly been on the wrong end of harsh criticism.

United crumbled defensively against Leicester after they got themselves back in the game with a penalty and conceded four goals in the last 30 minutes to confine United to a shocking defeat.

However, there is some criticism of United which almost seems like it has been created as a wind-up.

For example, take Sky Sports’ attempts at trying to fuel the fire.

There’s more wrong with this image than there is right:

1. Luke Shaw didn’t play against Leicester City.
2. Neither did Phil Jones.
3. Chris Smalling cost £7m and not £10m.
4. Manchester United didn’t play 7 at the back against Leicester City.
5. £27m + £16.5m + £16m + £10m + £2.5m = £72.5m and not £69.5m.

Sky Sports’ attempt to exaggerate United’s defensive woes is almost as bad as Jamie Redknapp’s punditry nhe media pandering over everything United move isn’t anything new, it comes with the territory.

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