“Come home Ronaldo” banner flown over Real Madrid game in Spain

by Sam Peoples

A plane carrying the banner “Come home Ronaldo” flew over Real Madrid’s match against Villareal last night.

Reports from a set of fans called “United Reel” revealed the banner, which cost £3,000, to United fans earlier this week and it was met with overwhelming criticism.

After the embarrassment of a “Moyes out” banner being flown over Old Trafford last year, most fans were hoping the fad of plane banners was one that died with Moyes’ career as manager.

However, the group went ahead with the banner and it, predictably, went past without a whisper in Spain.

The objective of the banner is clear – bring Ronaldo home. However, the logic behind spending £3,000 on it is baffling given that it was never going to have any direct impact on any Old Trafford return for Ronaldo.

Next time, “United Reel” should take the £3,000 and donate it to charity rather than wasting it on a plane banner.

Image: Twitter/ManUtdFF

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