Louis van Gaal continues to endear himself to Manchester United fans

by Sam Peoples

When Louis van Gaal was named Manchester United manager, fans didn’t quite know what to expect from a man who had a fearsome reputation.

Having had public fallouts with management over the years at his previous clubs, there was always going to be sweeping changes at United under him but no guarantee it wouldn’t cause clashes.

However, Van Gaal has done nothing but endear himself to the players and United faithful since becoming manager in May.

Fans have seen a completely different side to him than the one portrayed in the press. Instead of a cold and unapproachable manager, Van Gaal has shown a human side to his character which was rarely discussed.

Instead of publicly lambasting his players, Van Gaal protects them in a similar fashion to Sir Alex did during his reign and morale in the camp seems stronger than ever despite the slow start to the season.

As for the fans, he’s more than happy to connect with them as well.

Van Gaal might not be United’s manager for a very long time but he’ll certainly leave a legacy behind him, potentially as the man that helped United get back to where they belong after a temporary diversion under David Moyes.

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