Manchester United's squad in disbelief at David de Gea save

by Sam Peoples

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It’s an old cliché but one fantastic photo taken immediately after David de Gea‘s unbelievable save against Everton right at the end does precisely that.

Some fans held their heads in their hands in disbelief as did some United players while others celebrated like United had just scored a last minute winner.

It was a brilliant mix of emotions that perfectly summed up how special that save was.

People talk about defining goals that can change the mindset of a team but De Gea’s save really could be a catalyst moment for United.

Another barrage of attacks was survived and United came away with three points for the second time in a row. Both results would really have lifted the confidence of United and De Gea’s saves were the pinnacle of what was another great team effort to hold on for the victory.

It’s a concern how United are struggling in the latter stages of games but that should continue to improve with every passing performance as fitness increases.

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