Petr Cech applauds David de Gea for wonder save against Everton

by Sam Peoples

Petr Cech has praised David de Gea for his wonder save in Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Everton yesterday.

The Spaniard’s somewhat unorthodox style of using his opposite hand is something that other goalkeepers have been criticised for recently.

However, when De Gea is pulling off saves like that, which he had no right to given his starting position when Oviedo took the shot, then there is really no justifiable argument against it.

Fair play to Cech for sending out his own message to De Gea. Goalkeepers unite.

As for using opposite hands to save shots, it’s certainly nothing new from De Gea and Cech will know all too well about another world class save from Dave…

Image: Twitter/manutd

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