Ed Woodward caught in a social media storm after Manchester United’s game against West Brom

by Sam Peoples

Ed Woodward has been caught in the middle of a social media storm after somebody uploaded a video of him in the stands during Manchester United’s 2-2 draw with West Brom tonight.

Woodward was caught on camera purportedly saying what a ‘f*****g waste of money’ one of United’s players were.

Unless you’re a professional lip reader, and even then it is still subject to human error, then it is tough to try and figure out what he is saying.

Take a look at the video yourself and make your own judgement:

Regardless of what Woodward did or didn’t say, United weren’t good enough against West Brom for the majority of the game. There were fleeting moments of brilliance but they were sandwiched in a pedestrian performance.

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