Half-and-half merchandise hits new low at Old Trafford

by Sam Peoples

Half-and-half scarves are an absolute abomination at Old Trafford.

Why would you ever want to have a flag hanging around your neck with names like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City? You wouldn’t. Well, most United fans wouldn’t.

However, the scarves sell. Day-trippers love them for a bit of memorabilia but one fan (loose use of the word in this sense) took the half-and-half logic to the extreme at the Chelsea match on Sunday.

Kitted out in a half-and-half Chelsea/United shirt, completing the look with beige chinos and red shoes, this lad walked around and proudly donned his custom design kit.

It’s so bad you can’t believe it’s real when you think about it but, sadly, it is.

Can it get any worse than wearing a half-and-half shirt?

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