Di Maria: There’s no friends in a Manchester derby

by Sam Peoples

Angel di Maria will be leaving all national allegiances aside for the Manchester derby and intends to fight for the Manchester United shirt.

Sergio Aguero and Pablo Zabaleta are City’s Argentinian representatives while Di Maria and Rojo are United’s but Di Maria has every intention of looking straight past those allegiances when the whistle blows at the Etihad.

“We’ve got good friendships over the years and no matter what the colour of your shirt, you still see each other socially,” Di María said.

“But once you’re on the field, you forget all that. Everyone is fighting for the shirt.

“When we see each other in the tunnel before games, I think it’s right to say ‘Hi’ and greet each other – whether it’s an ex-team-mate or a good friend. That’s normal, as long as you remember that you fight for the club and the shirt once the 90 minutes start.”

Di Maria sums up exactly what sort of performance United need to put in against City – a fighting one. That’s precisely what sort of game it is going to be as you would expect with derbies.

A difference about today’s game is that United are going into it with the upper hand, something they need to use to their advantage and on the day Di Maria is going to be the key player for United in attack just as he has been all season.

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