Maraoune Fellaini responds to spitting accusations: “The press loves to invent stories”

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini has brushed off the fabricated stories about him spitting on Sergio Aguero and called into question the integrity of those who published the story.

Lots of newspaper back pages were adorned with images of Fellaini shouting over Aguero after he went down in the penalty area and as the Belgian midfielder was shouting at him he did produce saliva.

However, instead of being reported as such, the press intimated it was a deliberate spit from Fellaini which was far from the truth.

Writing on Twitter, Fellaini said: “The press loves to invent the stories when there aren’t any. Thanks the journalist. #ferity #tospit”

Since Fellaini responded to the stories, the FA have confirmed there will be no action taken against Fellaini which is certainly the correct decision.

While Fellaini’s face was all over the back pages, there was no mention whatsoever of Joe Hart going face to face with the referee Michael Oliver. Why was that the case?

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