Van Gaal: I can make every player better, that’s arrogant but I can

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is confident he can make every player a better footballer when they understand and embrace his coaching philosophy.

Over his career the Dutch manager has helped the likes of Arjen Robben, Xavi, Victor Valdes and Thomas Muller become the players they are today and at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is somebody who has blossomed.

The United captain is currently in great form and has been very consistent but as good as he has been, Van Gaal believes he can make him even beteter.

“Before I came here, of course, I had heard of his reputation,” said Van Gaal.

“But, from the first day, he was not the Wayne Rooney that people had talked about.

“He was, in my eyes, a great example in training and, of course, he has achieved a certain level. I think he shall always play with me — although, when he is in a bad moment, maybe I can be convinced to change him.

“But he is my captain now. He is the men who sets the example for the other players. So I’m very pleased.

“I have the impression that he lives for football and that he likes being the captain of Manchester United.

“Of course, being captain of England helps him to be a better captain of United.

“He has more experience. But I have to remind everyone that I put him first as captain. Roy Hodgson followed my advice.

“I can make every player better. I’m sorry. That’s arrogant, but I can.”

Van Gaal speaks with an authoritarian and confident voice which befits a manager of United. It’s a far cry from David Moyes’ approach which was the polar opposite.

He’s got so much self belief in his ethos and philosophy that it is infectious, you can see it in United’s players. Van Gaal is not arrogant, he’s just better.

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