Meulensteen: Van Gaal will ‘blow up’ at some point

by Richard Laverty

Former Manchester United coach Rene Meulensteen is surprised Louis van Gaal has not got the team playing better and claims the current boss will ‘blow up’.

Meulensteen left Old Trafford in 2013 after it appeared he chose not to accept David Moyes’s offer to stay with the club and is one of several former coaches and players to weigh in with his opinion on the current situation at United since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

The former Fulham manager also claimed that his fellow Dutchman is not his ‘cup of tea’and he prefers current Southampton boss Ronald Koeman.

Those are just a few of the digs Meulensteen levelled at the new United boss in a surprising interview but supporters should not be surprised given the amount of criticism directed at various aspects of United from former employees in the past 18 months.


The former first team coach says despite five wins in a row, United look no better under van Gaal.

Speaking exclusively to The Telegraph, Meulensteen said: “I find it a big surprise that Van Gaal has not managed yet to make the team play better.

“We are nearly at Christmas now and look at the performances. I still don’t see a flow, a rhythm. They win five on the spin but they were absolutely pummelled at Arsenal and should have lost against Southampton.”

Meulensteen then turned on van Gaal personally and seemed to suggest the current United boss is patronising and will eventually ‘blow up’.

“He will blow up at some point. That’s part of his make-up. Remember these words. If I’m speaking to you, I’m exchanging information over what I feel passionate about but I don’t lecture you. I’m not preaching to you. If you go and sit with Van Gaal, you’ll come out thinking ‘I’m 12 years old’. He will speak to you as if you have no clue. He will look at you and be thinking ‘what are you asking me? I’m Louis van Gaal’. He’s not my cup of tea. It’s one of the reasons I quite like Ronald (Koeman) as a person – he doesn’t preach or lecture people like the other guy does.”

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