Rojo: I speak better English than Di Maria

by Richard Laverty

Marcos Rojo is learning to speak English in order to communicate better with his defensive team mates.

Despite an influx of foreign talent and especially Spanish-speaking players in the past 12 months, the majority of United’s defence are British players with Rafael the only other foreign defender.

Rojo says both he and Angel Di Maria are learning to speak the language as soon as possible, with varying degrees of success.

“We go to the classes together, so we have a little laugh while we’re learning,” Rojo said.

“I think that helps us both. I think I’m doing better than him, but that’s what he said as well!”

Louis van Gaal fielded an all-British back three against Liverpool on Sunday and could easily play a back four made up of British talent when Luke Shaw returns from injury.

With Rojo speaking Spanish only, it’s positive to see the new signing realise he needs to brush up on his English in order to communicate with his new colleagues.

He continued: “Obviously we’ve not had the chance to play with the same players too often, there have been many changes, and yes, it can be a bit difficult.

“But we have so many players who are good at playing there. Communication is very important, of course – for example, to help someone when to make a run. It is very, very important.

“My English lessons are going well; every week I have classes. I think I am getting better and I’m hoping to get a good grip of English as quickly as I possibly can. I can always ask them [team mates] how you say things in English or they might translate something I don’t understand. They do help, yes.”

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