Van Persie picks ideal Man Utd five-a-side team

by Richard Laverty

Robin van Persie has picked his ideal Manchester United five-a-side team and it certainly favours his attacking team-mates!

Speaking to the Manchester United official website for the latest ‘Training Talk’ feature, van Persie put a lot of thought into his team.

“That’s a good question because you have to make a decision if you want to go with attackers or have a combination and you might need a goalkeeper! [Laughs]. I will go for David [De Gea] in goal. I need one defender so I will go with Michael Carrick because he can play in both positions [defence and midfield], then I’ll go for strikers so Wayne [Rooney]. I’m involved as well? I’m not on the bench?! So me, David, Michael, Wayne and… this is very hard because you have Juan [Mata], you have [Angel] Di Maria and you have Falcao… I’ll go for Falcao.”

A team including Rooney, Van Persie, Falcao, a midfielder and a goalkeeper may concede a few but it would certainly be exciting to watch.

The Dutchman has been in good form lately, scoring four goals in four games for United, but when quizzed about his best goal away from the spotlight, the 31-year-old recalled one strike from his first season at the club.

He added: “Oh in training [pauses to think]…there was one in my first season. I think it’s on video as well because the first thing I said when I’d scored was ‘is it on tape?!’ [Laughs]. It was a long-range shot from behind the half-way line and it went in over the keeper.”

Louis van Gaal will hope Van Persie and his five-a-side team-mates will be on top form this weekend when United take on Aston Villa looking for their seventh win on the bounce.

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