Anderson closing in on Internacional move

by Sam Peoples

Anderson has agreed a deal with Brazilian side Internacional and Manchester United will help subsidise his transfer, say the latest reports.

The Brazilian press are also reporting the same story that Anderson is expected to undergo a medical with Internacional and complete his move pending the success of his medical.

If Man United would be willing to subsidise his transfer is indicative of how keen the club are to have Anderson off their backs.

Anderson’s career at Man United will go down as one of the most frustratingly enduring ones the club has ever had. After seven years, it looks like ties will finally be cut with a player who has done nothing to help his own situation over the last couple of seasons.

Back when he arrived, Anderson was full of vigor and excitement but consistent injury setbacks slowly sucked that out of him, to the point where his poor attitude made it almost impossible for him to be given any chances at Man United.

Yet, despite all of the frustrations Anderson has had at Man United, he can still go on to have an excellent career back in Brazil if he puts his mind to it. At 26, age is firmly on his side.

With the transfer deadline shutting at 12.00am GMT on Tuesday 3 February, Man United don’t have long to complete the deal but with negotiations already at an advanced stage, it’s now down to whether Anderson can pass a medical.

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