Dæhli optimistic despite postponed debut

by Nicolas Berg

Former Manchester United starlet Mats Møller Dæhli joined Bundesliga outfit Freiburg when the January transfer window opened and was due to make his debut from the bench at the weekend.

However, despite the fact a team-mate indirectly blocked the road for Dæhli this time, the Norwegian 19-year-old remains optimistic about his future for the self-nicknamed ‘Brazilians of Breisgau’.

Daehli was one of United’s brightest young players before he made a shock departure in 2013 to join Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Molde in Norway and the youngster is now waiting for his next opportunity at his new club Freiburg.

“I obviously wanted to play, but I’m not in a hurry”, Dæhli told Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

“There will be many games in the upcoming weeks.”

Freiburg beat Frankfurt 4-1 comfortably at the weekend but Dæhli was left on the bench for the entire 90 minutes, as an injury forced the manager Christian Streich to alter his plans of bringing the Norwegian international on.

The reds made a significant leap from bottom of the table to 13th after the impressive win and Dæhli was very pleased with what he saw: “It was an extremely important win, and in the second half we displayed some brilliant football, which fits me very well.”

Dæhli, who has been handed shirt no. 16 in Germany, spent the Christmas break in Oslo until 7 January and subsequently went to Spain with his teammates on a training camp.

He added: “It’s been some hard training, a vast difference from what I’ve been used to in the past, but I enjoy it. It’s been working out in the friendlies and I’ve got some signs that they appreciate my efforts, so everything is fine at the moment. Now I just look forward to get going and play games.

“I’ve got to be better as the first defender and trying to retain possession. I’ve also got to get into the box more frequently and continue to create goal-scoring chances.”

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