Video: Paul Scholes calls Robbie Savage a ‘knobhead’ live on BT Sport

by Sam Peoples

Paul Scholes couldn’t help calling Robbie Savage a ‘knobhead’ under his breath after a poor joke by Savage on his BT Sport show.

Speaking on Fletch & Sav about all things Manchester United, Savage tried to pull out a joke on the Class of ’92 (of which he was a member) but it didn’t go down very well.

Scholes’ response was priceless and something you’d only expect from Scholes:

The video of Scholes’ murmurings immediately went viral and it wasn’t long before one of Manchester’s best ever Twitter trends happened:

As for Savage, he wasn’t having the best of nights at all and couldn’t even salvage any pride later on with other jokes. Check out the awkward reaction during his conversation with Alan Sugar:

Better luck next time Robbie. Maybe you should stick to the ballroom.

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