by Sam Peoples

Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs insists his relationship with Louis van Gaal is “brilliant” and that he is enjoying life under the Dutchman.

There have been rumours of a rift between Giggs and van Gaal since video emerged of a bizarre exchange between the pair after Ashley Young scored Man United’s late winner in the 1-0 win over Newcastle.

However, Van Gaal dismissed talk of a breakdown in his relationship with Giggs during his pre-match press conference on Thursday.

In an interview recorded with BT Sport before the Newcastle match, Giggs spoke of how well he is getting on with van Gaal and that he is enjoying the experience of working under him.

Speaking about van Gaal, Giggs said: “We’re getting on really well. We have done since the day we met. He’s been brilliant for me. I’m learning all the time.

“The trust that he gives his staff is brilliant and I think everyone who is not used to working with him has enjoyed the different things that he’s brought.

“It’s been interesting for me. Obviously a little bit different from the way that I’ve worked in the past, but I’m really enjoying it.”

With United intensely scrutinised in the media, we’re convinced there is nothing to the story and that fans have nothing to worry about.

In the full video, Giggs can be seen smiling enthusiastically amid United’s celebrations. Although he takes on a more serious tone with van Gaal, the Dutchman’s reaction looks like nothing more than a harmless ‘I told you so’.