Hypocritical Martin Keown must have suffered memory loss

by Richard Laverty

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown claims spitting is one of the most ‘disrespectful’ acts a player can do on a football pitch.

Whilst Keown has a point, it seems a touch hypocritical given some of the former defender’s acts on a football pitch, especially given the famous encounter against United back in 2003.

After Ruud van Nistelrooy missed a last minute penalty, Keown was the leader as several Arsenal players pushed and jumped all over the Dutch striker, for no other reason than they believed he had been the reason behind their captain, Patrick Vieira, receiving a red card.

Whilst the penalty being scored would have ended Arsenal’s invincible run before it even began, the reaction from Arsenal’s players prompted a whole range of bans and fines but it was an incident that summed up encounters between the two at the height of their rivalry.

“In my career, I never spat at anybody. It’s such a disgusting act and is one of the most disrespectful things you can do to another human being,” said Keown.

Keown’s dislike of all things United isn’t completely unfamiliar to supporters given his rather odd commentary performance when United faced Preston in the FA Cup last month.

As well as a range of negative points from the former Gunner, Keown also claimed Falcao may not play for the club ever again after being subbed by Louis van Gaal. As it happens, Falcao went on to start a league game against Sunderland just a few weeks later.

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