Manchester United fans delighted for Tom Thorpe

by Sam Peoples

Paddy McNair and Tyler Blackett both being chosen ahead of Tom Thorpe in the pecking order this season has become one of life’s great mysteries.

The 22-year-old U21s captain was given his first-team debut in the last couple of minutes against West Ham at Old Trafford but since then, he has slipped back into Warren Joyce’s side without much being said at all.

So, fans were understandably delighted to see Thorpe back into first-team training this week. It’s a general consensus among those who watch the U21s that Thorpe warranted an opportunity ahead of Blackett and McNair but Louis van Gaal decided otherwise.

However, Jonny Evans’ six-game ban has forced van Gaal to give Thorpe another opportunity with the first-team, much to the delight of fans:

As good as it it to see Thorpe back in with the first-team squad, him getting opportunities between now and the end of the season with crunch time coming up might seem unlikely, as pointed out to us.

Regardless of whether Thorpe is given a chance, the mere fact van Gaal is recognising his progress is a step in the right direction for a player who has consistently been so reliable on the pitch for the U21s.

The next big step for Thorpe would be going on the pre-season tour and van Gaal has already alluded to the fact he wants to take more youngsters on the trip, so fingers crossed Thorpe will be one of those players.

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