Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini confirms €40m offer for Paulo Dybala

by Sam Peoples

Palermo’s president Maurizio Zamparini has said a €40m bid has been made for Paulo Dybala.

Labelled a ‘Messi of the future’ by Zamparini himself, there is now a daily update on his future from the president in what is quickly morphing into a very public attempt to build a bidding war.

While no club was named behind the bid, Zamparini chose to name drop both Juventus and Manchester United when discussing the €40m offer.

“Has Dybala already been picked up by Juve? Absolutely not,” Zamparini said.

“I already have a €40m offer in my hand, but if someone else gets into the race then we’ll see what happens.

“Were Manchester United behind this offer? I won’t tell you the name of the club, not even if you torture me!”

Zamparini didn’t stop with just Man United and Juventus either as he also discussed the possibility of Roma being in for Dybala.

He added: “Anything can happen in football. The Giallorossi have good financial capabilities and it’s possible Walter Sabatini could take him away. We’ll see.”

What is abundantly clear is how keen Palermo are to sell Dybala and Zamparini is making sure his future stays on the front pages as much as possible with his daily updates surrounding his future.

Are Man United the club who has bid €40m? Zamparini certainly wants it to seem that way.

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