Wayne Rooney knocked out by Phil Bardsley in play boxing fight – report

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney‘s career has never been shy of controversy and front page splashes and he is on the front page of The Sun tomorrow, a place which generally means it isn’t good news.

The Sun claims Rooney was left unconscious by Phil Bardsley after a muck about fight in his kitchen went wrong and the Sunderland defender knocked Man United’s captain out.

Given that Rooney was a very keen boxer when he was young, it makes this story all the more surprising. After all, how many times have you and a friend put on a pair of boxing gloves to mess around with in the kitchen?

Louis van Gaal wouldn’t be best pleased with Rooney if this story does turn out to be factually correct but even if it was just some friendly fun gone wrong, both Rooney and Bardsley putting on a pair of full size boxing gloves seems ever so slightly extreme.

That being said, what else could you expect when a Salfordian and a scouser meet?

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