Potential Man Utd 2015/16 new Adidas kit leaks

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans are eagerly waiting to find out what next year’s kit is going to look like.

It will be the first year of a new kit manufacturer deal from Adidas so there is understandably a bigger than usual buzz around the launch.

With that in mind, there have been plenty of mock-ups as to what the new home and away kits are going to look like under Adidas next season.

There have been plenty of mock-ups which have already been released and now there are two more. What do you think of these ones?


The home kit here looks class with the white neck collar and matching sleeve stripes. Not much can be done about the Chevrolet logo given how much they paid to have it on there but apart from that, it looks like a decent example.

As for the away kit, the Chevrolet logo looks far more natural there with the white background matching the shirt so it looks even cleaner than the home kit.

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