Diego Forlan explains what Gary Neville told him after brace against Liverpool

by Sam Peoples

Diego Forlan’s two goals at Anfield will forever be remembered as one of Manchester United’s greatest ever moments at Liverpool’s home.

For a player who did relatively little in front of goal in his time at the club, Forlan is still revered to this day and ‘Diego ooooh, Diego ooooh’ will be sung in loud voice by the travelling United fans on Sunday.

It’s something which Forlan would never have seen coming if not for some words from Gary Neville in the dressing room after which proved to be so true.

Explaining that day at Anfield, Forlan said: “Liverpool did all they could to draw, but we held on. I went into the dressing room and Gary Neville was the first to come up to me as we celebrated.

“He looked me in the eyes and said: “Maybe you don’t realise what you have just done, but they’ll never forget you here after that.”

“I always remember that. I knew there was a big rivalry, but I didn’t fully understand it. I was a guy from Montevideo, how would I?

“But I began to understand the importance after that, from the reaction of the players and the travelling fans behind the goal. Gary was right.”

Gary was most certainly right. If any player does something special at Anfield – be it John O’Shea scoring a last minute winner or Forlan making the scousers cry – United fans will never forget them or that moment.

That’s how important games against Liverpool are. The biggest and best moments become immortalised in memory or song and you can bet your bottom dollar on Sunday that you’ll be hearing ‘Diego ohhh’ on more than one occasion.

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