Gary Neville cranks up the atmosphere for Liverpool game

by Sam Peoples

“Gary Neville is a red, is a red, is a red,
Gary Neville is a reds, he hates scousers.”

Anfield away. It’s the first game Manchester United fans look for when the fixture list is revealed because it always will be the biggest game of the season, no matter how much Manchester City or Chelsea continue to win titles.

Neville wore emotions on his sleeve whenever United faced up against Liverpool and that’s what United fans loved to see. Equally so, it’s exactly what riled up the scousers.

You get the feeling that hate is mutual…

Neville and Carragher are both working today with Sky Sports today which should make for some interesting watching but it is what happens on the pitch where everybody will be concentrating.

It’s a massive game today for both sides in the race for the top four and if United can come away with three points, they will have a five point lead over Liverpool.

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