Louis van Gaal slapping Ryan Giggs in celebration is harmless fun

by Sam Peoples

Plenty of fuss was made at the start of March when Louis van Gaal celebrated Manchester United scoring by turning around to give Ryan Giggs some pats on the cheek.

Van Gaal made it clear he was very angry with the rumours but the story still rumbled on, despite Giggs insisting he enjoyed a great relationship with United’s boss.

This weekend at Anfield, van Gaal celebrated United scoring by, you guessed it, turning around to give Giggs a tap on the cheek.

Straight away there were short videos of the incident which tried to label it as something which showed tension between the duo.

Tension? What tension? As this slightly longer video shows, it’s all smiles between Giggs and van Gaal straight after the Dutchman jokingly gives Giggs a tap on the cheek. With United bang in-form, everybody in the club is smiling and rightly so.

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