Peter Schmeichel: Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born to play for Man United

by Sam Peoples

Peter Schmeichel believes Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a perfect fit for Manchester United and was born to play for the club.

The Swedish striker has been one of the biggest names in European football for a long time now having won titles in Holland, Italy and Spain.

As Radamel Falcao may leave in the summer, United are being linked with a host of strikers but Schmeichel feels Ibrahimovic is the perfect player for Old Trafford.

“What he does with PSG is incredible,” Schmeichel said.

“He gives so much credibility and visibility to PSG. This is someone who takes his responsibilities.

“Last summer there were rumours that he would come to Manchester United. I then said that Zlatan was built for the club, he was born to play there.

“It’s why Cantona was so strong when he was there, not at Leeds or in all other clubs in France? Why? Because it is Manchester United. In Manchester, there was the freedom given to the players, but also responsibilities.

“We do not care who you are or what you love, we look at what you’re doing on the pitch and the influence you have in the club. If you do not respect, you’re leaving.

“But you can have any personality. Beckham, Cantona, they could go out and also be at their best. There are hundreds of players who are trying to be a Beckham or Cantona, but do not have the personality, and they fail.”

Ibrahimovic has been a game changing striker at a domestic level for so long but surely a move to United is out of the question?

At 34, Ibrahimovic doesn’t have much left in his career but he’d still command a sizeable wage and transfer fee, so he’d be a very expensive short-term investment.

Furthermore, his relation with Louis van Gaal isn’t the best given their previous history, so as much as Schmeichel may want to see Ibrahimovic play for United, it doesn’t look very likely.

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