Seppe Boonen reveals Manchester United move

by Zany K

Seppe Boonen, younger brother of United’s new U16s signing in February Indy Boonen, has revealed Manchester United is now his new club on Instagram.

There has been no confirmation about whether he has started his training in Carrington but the 14-year-old would be part of United’s U14s age group side if he’s already eligible to play.

The younger Boonen’s footballing journey has been much tougher than his brother. He was released from his previous club Genk last summer due to his height and it was that same incident which drove his brother Indy’s decision to leave the club at the same time.

Despite his height, United fans can be assured about his talent as he has been named Goalkeeper of the tournament in many under-age tournaments in his tender years. Although height is considered an essential trait for keepers, there have been plenty over the course of history such as Victor Valdes who have got on just fine.

With the number of talented keepers currently in United rank, Seppe will have a tough job ahead to make his former club regret about their decision but we wish him all the best for his new exciting journey.


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