Dietmarr Hamann: Mats Hummels should leave Borussia Dortmund this summer

by Richard Laverty

Former Liverpool midfielder is the latest to claim that Borussia Dortmund and Germany defender Mats Hummels should leave the club this summer.

Hummels has been constantly linked with Manchester United since Louis van Gaal took over as manager last year and it now appears Dortmund might be more open to selling their captain given his form and the struggles of the team overall.

As recently as Christmas, Dortmund were sitting in the relegation zone in Germany but despite a run of better form, it appears Hummels himself is contemplating his future with Jurgen Klopp’s side.

An Hamann too believes it could be time for the World Cup winner to move on if a team like United are genuinely interested.

“He is interesting to many clubs. Hummels has had some great performances at BVB but a transfer makes sense for both sides,” he said on German TV show Sky90.

“He has done everything with Dortmund. He is at a point where he needs a new challenge. Van Gaal wants him and United need someone who can build up their game.

“His era has come to an end. He has not played as well this year but he is still very successful. For both parties, it would be best if Hummels changes club this summer.”

Hamann is not the only high profile former player to have his say on the player’s future in the last few days as former Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer also commented on the fact it may be time for Hummels to depart, a move which would favour Beckenbauer’s Bayern side.

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