Fans’ view: Charlie Adam’s goal or David Beckham’s – whose was better?

by Ben Topliss

In what was a Premier League gameweek filled with sensational goals, Charlie Adam’s for Stoke City against Chelsea really stood out.

Picking up the ball inside his own half, Adam spotted Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois off his line and smashed in from around 65 yards out.

It was an unbelievable strike and one that evoked memories of a certain David Beckham, who also scored from his own half against Wimbledon in 1996.

Two fantastic goals, but which one was better? We asked our Twitter followers if they thought Adam’s was superior to Beckham’s:

Beckham guided the ball into the net using that trademark technique of his while Adam simply put his laces through it like he has so many times before but, to the surprise of everyone, it went in.

However, Beckham left Wimbledon keeper Neil Sullivan with no chance with his effort. Courtois, on the other hand, was able to get a slight touch on Adam’s strike before it went in.

From an idealistic point of view, Beckham has to have the edge on Adam in that respect, right?

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