Michael Carrick dominates Manchester City midfield with fantastic performance

by Sam Peoples

Yaya Toure has been a nightmare to play against in the derby for years but today he was made to look invisible, thanks in no small part to the magnificent performance of Michael Carrick.

Sitting at the base of midfield, Carrick was dominant. He completed 100% of his tackles, made four interceptions and had a pass accuracy of 92%. Given the wet conditions and frantic pace of the game, it makes his performance all the more impressive.

With Carrick controlling the midfield and protecting United’s defence, the trio of Marouane Fellaini, Juan Mata and Ander Herrera were given far more creative freedom and United reaped the rewards.

If United fans weren’t aware of how influential Carrick was in the heart of midfield then they soon were after he had to go off with a niggling injury because United had noticeably less composure without him on the field.

Carrick is now 33 but having signed a new one-year deal, he won’t be leaving Old Trafford any time soon and after a performance like that today against City, it really is hard to believe it’s not Scholes.

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