Manchester City’s Toni Duggan causes fan meltdown after being pictured smiling with Louis van Gaal

by Sam Peoples

Manchester City fans left Old Trafford with their tail firmly between their legs having been on the wrong end of a battering at the hands of Manchester United.

The last thing they would want to see is somebody affiliated with Man City with their arm around Louis van Gaal and a big smile plastered on their face?

So, thank you so much to Toni Duggan for obliging.

Toni plays as a winger for Man City’s women’s team and is also an England international but she didn’t seem to be hurting form the derby day defeat when she met Louis at Wings restaurant later in the evening.

Needless to say, City fans didn’t take too well to the photo from Toni:


If you want some more comedy gold, read the replies to Toni’s tweet

Update: Toni has since done the smart thing and deleted her tweet but not before plenty of reds took a screenshot of the evidence.

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