Video: Manchester City fans chanting Munich songs at Old Trafford

by Sam Peoples

Footage has emerged of a select group of Manchester City fans singing a chant about the Munich Air Disaster outside Old Trafford on Sunday.

Blocked in by police on horseback, the group were kept separate from Manchester United fans in the video and there is no mistaking the intention behind the chant.

Daily Mail also reports that some City fans were ejected from inside Old Trafford for Munich Air Disaster related taunts.

The good news is that a City spokesman confirmed the club are immediately looking to work with the police in order to find those responsible, the bad news is that this sort of stuff still happens.

What is even worse in this scenario is that City fans are willingly jeering a tragic disaster in which one of their own former players Frank Swift died.

Every fanbase has these minorities but they just aren’t needed. You can have a bouncing time at a match without having to bring any chants like this into the equation.

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