Luke Shaw grades his injury plagued time at Manchester United

by Ben Topliss

If his first season was a report card, Manchester United defender Luke Shaw would give himself a C- for how he has fared since joining from Southampton.

Injuries have plagued Shaw’s debut campaign at Man United and the 19-year-old has played just 13 Premier League games for the club.

He has looked promising in small patches but they have been too far and few between for him to have made any real impact on the season so far, something which has clearly frustrated him.

Speaking about his time at Old Trafford, Shaw said: ”It’s been a frustrating one because of the injuries I’ve picked up but I’m loving it (at United).

“If I was to write a school report on my first season here I’d give myself a C-.

“You don’t realise just how big Man United is until you’re actually here – it’s frightening! It is the biggest club around.

“I’m playing with the likes of Wayne Rooney, Di Maria, Falcao and it’s weird because my friends always talk about them, saying how good they are and I’m just thinking “Wow, I play with them!”

“I’m probably one of the luckiest 19-year-olds to be alive.”

Fans are equally as frustrated with how things have gone for Shaw. At Southampton he enjoyed a fantastic fitness record but he has had a sick note that dates back to the pre-season before he was even at Old Trafford.

Daley Blind is filling in for Shaw at left-back as he is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury. The Dutchman has been superb in Shaw’s absence, putting in excellent performances against the likes of Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Aston Villa.

As a result, there have been calls for him to stay in the position even when Shaw returns. It is a frustrating one for the youngster but he is still in a very early stage of his footballing career. United brought him in for the long-term and they will no doubt get a number of quality years from him in the future.

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