Jose Mourinho comments on Ander Herrera ‘dive’ against Chelsea

by Sam Peoples

Ander Herrera was booked in the final moments of Manchester United’s game against Chelsea tonight and Jose Mourinho has commented on the situation by insisting it would be labelled as ‘crimes and cheating’ if he were a Chelsea player.

The Spanish midfielder left his leg in as he went into a challenge with Gary Cahill in the dying embers of the game and Mike Dean judged him to have dived.

Given that Chelsea’s players have been in the media all season for their antics on the pitch, Mourinho seemingly couldn’t resist chipping in with something to say on the matter.

“I’m happy it’s not a Chelsea player because it would be on Sky as someone’s crimes and cheating,” Mourinho said.

By the sounds of it, Mourinho seems to think Chelsea are singled out with special criticism but he has seemingly forgotten the in-depth analysis that went into Wayne Rooney‘s ‘dive’ against Preston North End.

Ultimately, Herrera knew what he was doing. It was a dive in that there was contact but he played for it, so the decision not to give the penalty was fair. That being said, there’s no reason for Mourinho to play up and try to turn it into something else against Chelsea.

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