Hummels, Pogba, Bale and more: Van Gaal reads out £271m transfer target list written by fan

by Sam Peoples

Mats Hummels, £36m. Nathaniel Clyne, £15m. Paul Pogba, £75m. Gareth Bale, £120m. Jackson Martinez, £25m. Total = £271m. It’s quite the transfer list isn’t it?

Louis van Gaal is a really colourful character and in a heartwarming video in collaboration with the Manchester United Foundation, the Dutchman and his players meet up with adults and children who have life limiting illnesses in order to bring smiles to their faces.

While most fans come equipped with pens, cameras and shirts to sign, one fan thought outside the box and decided to make van Gaal’s job easier by compiling a transfer list for him. Van Gaal’s response was brilliant (watch the video here).

You can really tell van Gaal is an ex-teacher because he is so warming with strangers. It’s not a trait everybody has naturally but you can see it in the Dutchman.

To be fair to the lad, his transfer list was pretty spot on and covered all the areas in which United need to strengthen this summer. So, if van Gaal does want to adopt that as his list of targets (he can add Memphis Depay in for good measure) then it would be much obliged.

Gareth Bale 4Paul Pogba 7Nathaniel Clyne

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