Fans’ view: Was Thierry Henry right to criticise Javier Hernandez?

by Ben Topliss

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has been the subject of widespread ridicule for his comments in the wake of Javier Hernandez’s late winner for Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals on Wednesday night.

Henry criticised Hernandez for what he perceived to be an overly enthusiastic celebration. According to the Frenchman, Hernandez should have done more to thank Cristiano Ronaldo first, who played a big part in the goal, rather than celebrate himself

It was an odd stance to take considering Hernandez’s frustrating campaign and the fact that he had scored a winner in a massive game against his team’s local rivals.

We asked our Twitter followers whether Henry was right to criticise the 26-year-old:

Fans are agreed that Hernandez, on loan at Madrid from Manchester United, was right to celebrate in the way that he did.

Henry was harsh to say otherwise, and it is not like he hasn’t done the same himself while he was playing.

Unfortunately, the relentless coverage of football these days seems to have blurred the lines when it comes to what the game is actually about. Although his time at Madrid has to go down as a failure, Hernandez will cherish his goal against Atletico forever.

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