Lou Macari unhappy with Javier Hernandez’s comments

by Sam Peoples

MUTV’s Lou Macari isn’t happy with Javier Hernandez’ comments labeling Real Madrid as the biggest club in the world.

Chicharito has been in the spotlight this week thanks to a purple patch in form which has seen him return to Madrid’s score-sheet with three goals in his last four appearances.

Following his great form, Chicharito was questioned about his future and insisted God would decide where he played next.

“I’m playing for Real Madrid, and I enjoy it,” he told reporters.

“I thank God that I am enjoying today.

“I’ll play where God wants. I’m living for today.

“I do not know if I’ll be here a year or more. I’m focused on playing as many minutes as I can for the best club in the world.

“In the bad times, there were people who supported me, who told me to have faith that my chance would come. This match gives me confidence, I love playing football and I still enjoy it, wherever it is.”

Big club or no club, the Mexican has been told to consider moving to a smaller club by his national team boss and if Macari had anything to do with transfers (luckily, he isn’t), he’d be sold straight away.

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