Watch: Memphis Depay celebrates PSV title with fan on the pitch

by Sam Peoples

Having spoken to some PSV fans following the announcement that Memphis Depay will be joining Manchester United this summer, it is clear how much affection there is for Depay.

The 21-year-old has always come across as a very genuine person. Before and after training, Depay took the time to make sure he signed autographs for fans, took photos with them and enjoyed a strong relationship with them.

Depay played a vital role in PSV’s title campaign and a great video has emerged on social media of him enjoying the title celebrations with a random fan who ran on the pitch after PSV cliched the trophy.

Take a look at the video yourself:

It’s a class act from Depay. Instead of being put off by the fan, he embraced it and even gave his shirt to the fan which will give him a fantastic memory.

Social media has brought players and fans closer than they have been since the ‘football celebrity’ status took over and examples this like from Depay are why he had such a good reputation among fans, all of which bodes well ahead of his move to Man United.

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