Mata: Being selfish, I want De Gea to stay at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Juan Mata knows how important David de Gea is to Manchester United and ‘selfishly’ wants him to remain at the club.

Links with a move to Real Madrid for De Gea are only getting stronger with each passing week and the transfer window hasn’t even officially opened yet, so they will continue to gather pace as the summer goes on.

At United, Mata and De Gea have always been very close friends. Remember, De Gea was the player who greeted Mata at Carrington with David Moyes after he got off his helicopter.

“I understand how important he is for us,” Mata told

“(In the last 2-1 victory) against Crystal Palace he proved it again with a save that gave us the three points. I wish him to stay. Being selfish, I obviously hope he remains with us. He gives us many points…”

When questioned on Real Madrid’s interest in De Gea, Mata added: “I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know. Ask him because I don’t know.”
Juan Mata 20
Don’t worry Juan, you’re not the only one who is being selfish because every single United fan wants him to stay.

When Cristiano Ronaldo left for Madrid, it came after he said he was a slave at United and the move was always inevitable, he pushed for it.

So far, it’s been different with De Gea. He hasn’t said anything to indicate he is desperate for a move and although behind the scenes may be different, as far as fans are concerned he is still happy at United.

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